The PDA Agent Association of South-Africa (PDASA) was formed during 2009. Our vision is to provide the Debt Review fraternity with a secure, effective and value for money payment and distribution system.

PDASA is a non-profit association consisting of the three accredited Payment Distribution Agents registered with the National Credit Regulator.

  • All PDASA members adhere to a specific code of conduct
  • Although different business models, all PDASA members have signed a service level agreement with the NCR and need to submit a monthly report to the NCR pertaining to all financial transactions
  • Members must adhere to conditions pertaining to the National Payment System Act as governed by PASA & Reserve bank
  • Fidelity fund insurance, corporate governance, enhanced systems & strict audit requirements are all part and parcel of accredited PDASA members
  • PDAs provide (directly or through subsidies) integrated debt counselling software systems to Debt Counsellors that implement and comply with the requirements of the NCA.  This is a particularly important point as it facilitates the complex technical integration between the DC systems and the rest of the industry.

The mandate of an accredited Payment Distribution Agent are as follow :

  • To collect consumers funds and instruct payment to credit providers based on a payment plan as completed by the Debt Counselor
  • To provide proper reporting of all financial transactions to all industry stakeholders

Read more about our Constitution.